When does cicis close?

Is Cicis going out of business?

CiCi’s Holdings Inc., parent company of the unlimited pizza buffet chain, filed for bankruptcy after the pandemic curbed in-person dining. Irving-based CiCi’s runs 11 pizza buffets in the U.S. and franchises the concept to 307 more. The franchisees aren’t a part of the bankruptcy filing.

How much is CiCi’s buffet 2020?

Both CiCi’s we visited had the same adult pizza buffet price of $5.49 and fountain drink for $1.89 (for kids 10 and under, it’s $3.49 for the buffet, $1.39 for the drink).

Is Cicis still a buffet?

Per the Cici’s Pizza coronavirus response statement, the chain will no longer be a self-serve buffet. Instead, servers will hand you your food—but you can still get back in line as many times as you want.

Why is CiCi’s so cheap?

Cicis Pizza is so cheap for a few reasons — but first and foremost, though, is that its ingredients just aren’t as good as what you’ll find at other restaurants. The cheese is not all-natural and has added flavors, colors, and preservatives among other added ingredients, according to Food Babe.

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What happened CiCi’s Pizza?

The brand sold itself to lender D&G Investors. The 318-unit pizza chain agreed to sell itself to D&G Investors as part of a pre-packaged and expedited bankruptcy process. The move came after D&G acquired $81.6 million in debt from CiCi’s previous lenders.

Who owns CiCi’s Pizza?

The Arlon Group has acquired the pizza buffet chain Cicis, the company said Wednesday. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Senior management, led by Cicis CEO Darin Harris, will remain with the Coppell, Texas-based operator, which has 440 locations in 33 states.

How much is Cicis per person?

Pricing is aggressive. Both CiCi’s we visited had the same adult pizza buffet price of $5.49 and fountain drink for $1.89 (for kids 10 and under, it’s $3.49 for the buffet, $1.39 for the drink).

How much is CiCi’s buffet per person?

Pizza, Pasta, Salad & Dessert $5.29
Kid’s Buffet (ages 4-10) $3.39
Kid’s Buffet (ages 3 & under) $1.59

How much does a pizza cost at Cici’s?

Cicis Pizza Menu & Prices 2021

Food Size Price
Cheese Medium $3.99
Cheese Large $5.74
Pepperoni Medium $3.99
Pepperoni Large $5.74

How much is Cici’s buffet with tax?

How much is CiCi’s buffet with tax? Adults will pay just $3.99 and kids just $2.99 for the all-you-can-eat buffet.

Can you get a to-go box at CiCi’s?

The to-go option is currently available at about 20 to 30 test stores, according to Rebecca Stone, senior director of food and beverage. “It has tested very well. The service has all of the benefits and variety of our buffet, but you can do it quickly and it’s very mobile for those on the go.

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What states have Cicis pizza?

396 Cicis LocationsUnited States

  • Alabama(18)
  • Arizona(3)
  • Arkansas(7)
  • Colorado(3)
  • Florida(38)
  • Georgia(15)
  • Illinois(5)

How much are cinnamon rolls at Cicis?

Find out the cost of items on the CiCi’s Pizza menu.

Food Item Price
Cinnamon Rolls $3.99
Wings 5 Piece $3.99, 10 Piece $6.99, 15 Piece $10.99, 20 Piece $12.99
Garlic Breadsticks $3.99

Is CiCi’s Pizza healthy?

The good news is that CiCi’s Pizza, a fan favorite, scored top marks for their salad bar and healthier pies, including the Zesty Vegetable, Alfredo and the Mexican-inspired Ole.

Does CiCi’s Pizza use real cheese?

Changes rolling out nationwide include more 100 percent real cheese, more meat toppings (such as 18 more pepperoni slices per pizza), a garlic-buttered crust and a zesty sauce.

Are Cicis wings good?

Best: Hot Buffalo Wings

“The hot wings are the lowest in calories and also relatively low in saturated fat and carbs while being a good source of protein,” McGrane says. But there’s one thing to keep in mind while snacking on the zesty appetizer.

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