When did barry goldwater run for president?

Who ran for president in 1964?

1964 United States presidential election

Nominee Lyndon B. Johnson Barry Goldwater
Party Democratic Republican
Home state Texas Arizona
Running mate Hubert Humphrey William E. Miller
Electoral vote 486 52

Who was Barry Goldwater’s running mate in 1964?

Republican presidential nominee, Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona chose Representative William E. Miller of New York as his vice presidential running mate. The Goldwater-Miller ticket would lose the 1964 election to the Democratic ticket of Lyndon B. Johnson and Hubert Humphrey.

Is Robert W Goldwater related to Barry Goldwater?

PHOENIX (AP) — Bob Goldwater, known as the “Father of the Phoenix Open” and a member of one of Arizona’s most influential Republican families, died Saturday at home, his son Don said. He was 96. Goldwater is the brother of the late Barry Goldwater, the five-time U.S. senator from Arizona.

Who was the president in the 60’s?

In the 1960 campaign, Lyndon B. Johnson was elected Vice President as John F. Kennedy’s running mate. On November 22, 1963, when Kennedy was assassinated, Johnson was sworn in as the 36th United States President, with a vision to build “A Great Society” for the American people.

Who did JFK run against?

In a closely contested election, Democratic United States Senator John F. Kennedy defeated incumbent Vice President Richard Nixon, the Republican Party nominee. This was the first election in which fifty states participated and the last in which the District of Columbia did not.

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How much did Goldwater lose by?

In the general election, Goldwater lost in a landslide to Lyndon Johnson, carrying only six states to Johnson’s 44 and 38% of the popular vote to Johnson’s 61%.

Was LBJ ever elected president?

Johnson ran for the Democratic nomination in the 1960 presidential election. On November 22, 1963, Kennedy was assassinated and Johnson succeeded him as president. The following year, Johnson won in a landslide, defeating Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona.

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