Readers ask: When to fertilize rhododendrons?

When should I feed my rhododendron?

Feeding. In spring, an application of ericaceous fertiliser, controlled-release fertiliser pellets, or ‘Vitax Q4’ at a rate of 70g per sq m (2oz per sq yd) in cool, moist conditions is beneficial. Rhododendrons don’t require much pruning other than the removal of dead wood and deadheading of spent flowers if practical.

What kind of fertilizer do rhododendrons need?

You’ll want to use a particular fertilizer composition for the different stages of your rhododendron growth. At planting time, use 10-10-6 fertilizer before you water the plant in. In early spring, the rhododendron buds swell. At this time, apply a complete 10-8-6 fertilizer.

Are coffee grounds good fertilizer for rhododendrons?

Fresh Coffee Grounds for Acid-Loving Plants

Your acid-loving plants like hydrangeas, rhododendrons, azaleas, lily of the valley, blueberries, carrots, and radishes can get a boost from fresh grounds. Fresh coffee grounds still have most of their caffeine content as well as the acid.

What is the best food for rhododendrons?

A month after planting, begin feeding rhododendrons with Miracle-Gro® Water Soluble Azalea, Camellia, Rhododendron Plant Food, which is specially formulated for acid-loving plants. For easy application, consider the Miracle-Gro® Garden Feeder, which lets you feed and water at the same time.

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How do you rejuvenate rhododendrons?

Rejuvenation pruning calls for drastic cuts on old wood. Cuts for rejuvenation pruning are made much farther back on the shrub. On the primary branches, make your cut just above a latent bud, or even better, a cluster of buds. In severe cases, you can sometimes cut your rhododendron to within 6 inches of the ground.

Is Epsom salts good for rhododendrons?

Magnesium in the form of Epsom salts is sometimes recommended for rhododendrons. Magnesium is an essential element and lack of it will cause yellowish areas between the leaf veins on older leaves. If the leaves are a solid green the addition of Epsom salts would not be useful.

Is bone meal good for rhododendrons?

Avoid feeding rhododendrons with bone meal as it contains too much calcium.

Why is my rhododendron not blooming?

The usual suspects when rhododendrons fail to bloom are dense shade, drought or overfertilization. In spring, the plants use large amounts of water for new growth and flowers. Since their evergreen leaves can create an umbrella that sheds the rain, the poor plant’s rootball remains dry and the flowers suffer.

What causes yellow leaves on rhododendrons?

If your soil is alkaline, you’ve found one reason for rhododendron leaves turning yellow: a mineral deficiency causing chlorosis. These shrubs take up too much calcium and not enough iron in alkaline soils. Chlorosis is very likely when the yellowing is mostly between the veins of new leaves.

Are eggshells good for rhododendrons?

Crush the shells with your hands, and sprinkle the powder near flowering bushes like rhododendrons and hydrangeas. Your plants will thrive from the calcium boost the eggshells provide.

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What can I add to soil to make it more acidic?

Sphagnum Peat Moss

Adding peat moss to your garden soil can also help to lower the pH of your soil gradually. Peat moss is an excellent soil amendment for acid-loving plants and is easy to incorporate into the soil. Simply add two to three inches to the top of the soil and work it into the layers of topsoil underneath.

Can you cut back rhododendrons?

Scaly-leaved rhododendrons and all azaleas can be pruned to any point on a branch or shoot and new growth will come from buds lower down. This gives time for production of new growth and for formation of flower buds the following year. Alternatively prune in early spring, just as new growth is starting to elongate.

How do you keep a rhododendron healthy?

How to Care for Rhododendron & Azaleas

  1. Mulch plants every spring with 2 to 5 inches of pine bark chips or pine needles to protect shallow roots and retain soil moisture.
  2. Fertilize azaleas and rhododendrons sparingly and only when flower buds swell in the early spring, even if they are fall bloomers.

Is tomato feed good for rhododendrons?

Feeding. Authorities vary about feeding our three acid-loving plants in summer. Rhododendrons and azaleas have low nutrient needs although some gardeners apply fortnightly high-potash liquid fertiliser (tomato feed) between March and August to encourage flower production.

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