Readers ask: Tp-6 what should you do when fueling an outboard boat with a portable tank?

What should you do when fueling an outboard boat with a portable tank quizlet?

Secure the boat to the fueling dock and ensure that the engine has been turned off. Unload any portable fuel tanks and have your passengers step off the boat and onto the dock. This will help keep the boat stable and minimize the likelihood of spills.

What is the correct procedure when refueling a portable gas tank?

Shut off all fuel valves and extinguish all open flames, such as galley stoves and pilot lights. Close all windows, ports, doors, and other openings to prevent vapours from entering the pleasure craft. Remove portable fuel tanks from the pleasure craft and fill them on the dock.

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What is important when fueling a boat?

Copy link. Proper fueling procedures are very important in preventing onboard fires. Gasoline vapors are heavier than air and can spread rapidly into enclosed spaces and can cause explosions. By following the safe fueling precautions below, the probability of explosion can be greatly reduced.

Why should a boat gas tank never be completely filled?

It’s important to never fill the tank of your boat beyond 90% full. This leaves room for gas to expand and avoids the potential for overflow. After you’re done fueling, tightly replace the gas cap. This will prevent the escape of fuel vapors.

What is the problem with using your boats engine to drive it onto a trailer?

What is the problem with using your boat’s engine to drive it onto a trailer? You may break the winch cable. You may damage the engine. The boat’s forward motion can disconnect the trailer lights.

Should a boat be stored with a full tank of gas?

Filling the Tank

Marine engine manufacturers and technicians advise storing any boat with the fuel tank almost full, leaving just a little capacity to accommodate expansion of the fuel if the temperature warms.

What action is the best to take when fueling an outboard boat with a portable tank?

Fueling portable containers

Always refill your portable fuel containers on the pavement or dock to ensure a good ground. While the bed of your truck or the deck of your boat may seem stable, static electricity can build up and cause a spark. On the dock, put an absorbent pad under the container.

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What factor determines the equipment a pleasure craft must carry?

Minimum Equipment Required on Board Vessels

The Canadian Small Vessels Regulations and the International Regulations for preventing collisions (amended for Canada) require all boats to carry a minimum of safety equipment. The size of the pleasure craft determines the equipment required.

How do I know if my boat gas tank is full?

#2: Listen to your boat

That’s all. There is a distinct sound a tank will make when it’s close to full (the last ½-gallon or so). When you hear it once, you’ll know it every time moving forward.

Why should you never drop your anchor from the stern of your boat?

Never throw the anchor over the side of the boat or attach it to the stern. If you do, the wind or current will cause your boat to “swing” into the wind, and your boat could be swamped. If the anchor line is only 2 to 4 times the water depth, there will be too much upward pull for the anchor to set.

When retrieving a boat at a ramp What should be avoided?

DON’T power load your boat back onto your trailer while at the ramp. When retrieving a boat from the water, avoid slamming the throttle down in an effort to snug your boat up against the edge of your trailer. The propeller wash from power loading can erode sediment just beyond the boat ramp.

Can I leave my boat in the water all winter?

If you decide to leave your boat out in the water all winter long, the worst thing you can do is neglect it. Inspect the hoses, the engine, bilge and other elements that are at a higher risk of getting damaged during the winter. Check how the water is floating and how much water there is in the bilge.

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What causes most boating fires?

While loose battery connections, chafed battery cables, and aged battery switches can all cause fires aboard, the most common cause of battery-related fires is operator error: reversing the battery cables or connecting them in series when they should have been in parallel, or vice versa.

How does a boat fuel tank vent work?

When refueling rapidly or overfilling your fuel tanks, boats vent air that is often mixed with fuel. During refueling, gas goes into the tank and displaces air. The air escapes out through your boat’s fuel tank vent.

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