Readers ask: Smallville when does lana find out?

Does Lana Lang find out Clark’s powers?

When her relationship with Clark hits a breaking point in season five’s “Hypnotic”, she begins to grow closer to Lex. The relationship with Lex eventually leads to marriage in the season six episode “Promise”, but not before Lana discovers Clark’s secret and realizes why he has been lying to her all these years.

Does Lois Lane find out Clark’s secret Smallville?

Ultimately, Lois deduces Clark’s true identity as “The Blur” in the season nine finale. Lois and Clark’s relationship reaches its peak in the tenth and final season. Clark finally confesses his secret to her in “Isis” and they begin their relationship again free of secrets.

What episode of Smallville does Lana gets Clark’s powers?

Wrath” is the seventh episode in the seventh season of Smallville, and the one hundred-thirty-ninth episode overall.

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What episode of Smallville does Lex find out Clark secret?

Officially he learns in the season finale of season 7. He was always so close to finding out Clark’s secret but never could quite put his finger on it.

Why did Kristen Kreuk leave Smallville?

Kreuk had decided to part ways with Smallville once her contract was up so that the actress could move on to other projects. A different actor (whose face was never shown) had to play Lex in season 8, but Rosenbaum did end up reprising the role in the Smallville series finale.

Did Clark and Lana sleep together?

Clark and Lana Have Sex for The First Time (5×02) | Smallville (2001-2011)

How much older is Lois than Clark in Smallville?

19/20 years old. A year older than Clark who was 18/19 when he was a senior in high school. A later episode shows Lois winning a drinking game of which had to make her almost 21.

Who does Clark Kent marry in Smallville?

Clark Kent and Lois Lane’s wedding was held in Smallville in 2011. It was interrupted when Clark was attacked by a corrupted Oliver Queen, and the marriage ceremony was never completed. However, it is hinted at the end of Finale, Part 2 that they are going to do it in full again.

Does Chloe learn Clark’s secret again?

With the help of the Legion of Super-Heroes from the future, Clark extracted Brainiac from Chloe. She was fully-recovered with most of her prior memories, including knowledge of Clark’s secret, intact. However, Chloe had indicated that she does not clearly remember the time period leading up to the wedding.

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What did Lex do to Lana’s baby?

One week later, she told Lex that she didn’t feel well enough to go on their honeymoon, so they canceled the trip. After Lana collapsed in pain and passed out, Lex was forced to tell her that she had suffered complications and miscarried the baby.

Why did Lana marry Lex?

Lana goes on to date and marry Lex Luthor after discovering that she is supposedly pregnant. The two divorce when Lana learns that Lex faked her pregnancy to get her to marry him. Lana once again starts to date Clark after he admits his secret to her.

Why did Lex fake Lana’s pregnancy?

After being attacked by a meteor-freak, Lana was taken to the hospital again. There, the doctor revealed to her that she was never pregnant and accused her of faking her pregnancy to marry a billionaire.

Why does Lex hate Clark in Smallville?

As Clark tried to reason with Lex, it became clear that Lex felt it was his destiny to defeat “The Traveler”. Lex expressed disappointment that Clark had never trusted him with this secret, as he felt that he could have helped Clark become a hero, but Lex’s actions had proved to Clark that he couldn’t be trusted.

Does Lex become evil in Smallville?

Lex had set out to be a great man. A person out to do good unlike his father. Ultimately, he has become a man of pure evil. Completely devoid of inhibitions, conscience and humanity, and has been mentioned to be worse than even Lionel was before he turned good.

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Did Lex really die in Season 8?

Superman & Lois Premiere!

After the Fortress’s collapse, Lex went missing and was presumed dead. Lex knew that in case he didn’t return from the Arctic, he had to pick someone to run LuthorCorp so he appointed Tess Mercer as his successor. Lex is declared dead.

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