Quick Answer: When is the samsung galaxy 8 coming out?

Is it worth buying Samsung S8 in 2020?

The Samsung Galaxy S8 does make a good option, if you are looking to buy something with flagship grade specs. It runs the Exynos 8895 processor which is capable of handling heavy tasks and even gaming on the phone. Go for Galaxy S9 or the S9+ which will cost you less than 25k in 2020.

How much is Galaxy S8 in Nigeria?

Samsung Galaxy S8 Price in Nigeria ranges from 78,000 Naira to 110,000 Naira depending on your location in Nigeria. However most of the available models are likely refurbished models. Available on Amazon starting a around $250, See Offers.

Is Samsung Galaxy S8 discontinued?

Samsung will likely end support for the Galaxy S8 Duo in May 2021. Last month, Samsung ended support for the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge phones, four years after their launch.

How much is a galaxy S8 worth now?

The Galaxy S8 is worth $45 to $240 based on the condition and device carrier. *Price subject to change.

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Which is better Galaxy S8 or S9?

While the Galaxy S8 also features 4GB of RAM, the S9’s new processor makes it much faster than its predecessor. If you want plenty of power and speed above everything else, then opt for the new Galaxy S9. However, if you’d rather have slightly longer between charges, then the S8 is the better choice.

How long will Samsung S8 be supported?

How long will it typically be supported before Samsung will abandon it completely? Two years is the official line on software support. Should get 2 major updates. Oreo and then Android p, should also get security patches in-between.

How much is a used Galaxy S8?

Here’s how much your old Samsung Galaxy phone is worth now

Model Original price Flipsy resale value
Galaxy S8 (2017) $750 $242
Galaxy S8+ (2017) $850 $225
Galaxy S9 (2018) $720 $316
Galaxy S9+ (2018) $840 $360

Which is the best phone in Nigeria?

The Following are the Best Top Selling Phones in Nigeria (2021):

  • Cubot R9.
  • Apple iPhone 6.
  • Tecno WX3 LTE.
  • Nokia 2.
  • Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus.
  • Infinix Hot 5 (X559)
  • Homtom S16.
  • Tecno Spark Plus K9.

Is Samsung S8 plus waterproof?

Because the Galaxy S8 and S8+ feature the same IP68-rated water and dust resistance you’ve come to expect from Galaxy phones. *Water resistant up to 1.5 meters of water for 30 minutes.

Can Samsung S8 be upgraded to Android 10?

Although they have started life on Android Nougat too, both can now be upgraded to Android 10. The Exynos 8895 and Snapdragon 835 should be well-suited for running Google’s latest OS, too.

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What phone is comparable to the Galaxy S8?

iPhone 7 Plus

If you are looking for a Galaxy S8 alternative, that packs in a great camera, offers flawless performance and gets updates regularly, you can take a look at the Apple iPhone 7 Plus.

Is S7 edge still worth buying in 2020?

However, it’s still worth taking a look at the Samsung Galaxy S7 or Samsung galaxy s7+ for your next smartphone purchase even in the year 2020. The Galaxy S7 may perform slow and buggy in 2020 due to lagging software updates while comparing it to the latest generation smartphones.

How much can I get for my Galaxy S8 plus?

Find out how much your Galaxy S8 Plus is Worth

The Galaxy S8 Plus is worth $46 to $275 based on the device carrier and condition. *Price subject to change.

Is it worth upgrading S8 to s20?

The only major reason for you to upgrade to the s20 would be the lack of battery on the s8 and if you are a gamer there will be significant improvements on the s20 for major games. The camera on the s20 is much superior but the s8 isn’t in any way bad. And if you really need to have the latest phone go for the s20.

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