Quick Answer: When do the arizona cardinals play?

What is the Arizona Cardinals football schedule?

2020 Arizona Cardinals Schedule

  • Sunday, Sep 13. atSan Francisco. 4:25pm ET | FOX.
  • Sunday, Sep 20. Washington. 4:05pm ET | FOX.
  • Sunday, Sep 27. Detroit. 4:25pm ET | FOX.
  • Sunday, Oct 4. atCarolina. 1:00pm ET | FOX.
  • Sunday, Oct 11. atNY Jets. 1:00pm ET | FOX.
  • Monday, Oct 19. atDallas. 8:15pm ET | ESPN.
  • Sunday, Oct 25. Seattle. 8:20pm ET | NBC.
  • Sunday, Nov 8. Miami.

What channel is the Arizona Cardinals game on?

Watch Cardinals games live on CBS.

Why do the Arizona Cardinals have an 8?

The Arizona Cardinals have added a memorial patch on their jerseys to honour the life of former player Larry Wilson, who died last month at the age of 82.

Are the Arizona Cardinals allowing fans?

The organization says the latest COVID-19 information and guidance from the Arizona Department of Health Services led to the decision. The only spectators permitted to attend will be a limited number of immediate family members of Cardinals players and staff.

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Are the Arizona Cardinals in the playoffs?

The Cardinals Missed the Playoffs Thanks to a Former AAF QB—and Kliff Kingsbury. All Arizona had to do on Sunday was win, and despite the fact that it was going up against a less-than-healthy Rams team, it couldn’t.

Where can I watch the Cardinals vs 49ers?

— Saturday’s Arizona Cardinals-San Francisco 49ers game at State Farm Stadium will be streamed exclusively on Amazon Prime and Twitch both nationally and internationally instead of being broadcast on TV. The game, which kicks off at 4:30 p.m. ET, will also be televised in each team’s local markets.

Where can I watch the Cardinals game today?

If you don’t live in the Cardinals TV market, you can watch the Cardinals through the MLB.TV streaming. With MLB.TV you can watch every game, for every team, all season long. With MLB.TV, you can watch Cardinals games on Roku, Apple TV, Smart Devices, and more.

What channel is Fox Sports Arizona?

FOX Sports Arizona Plus channel listings

COX 73 1073
DirecTV (AZ & NM) 686-1 686-1
Comcast (Tucson) 17
Century Link Prism 763 1763

Why did the Cardinals move to Arizona?

Early years (1988–89)

On March 15, 1988, the NFL team owners voted to allow Bidwill to move the Cardinals from St. Louis to Phoenix, Arizona, for the 1988 NFL season. Louis, and for much of the 1988 season they were poised to make the playoffs.

When did the Arizona Cardinals win the Super Bowl?

The 2008 season is the Cardinals‘ only Super Bowl appearance to date.

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Is the Arizona Cardinals stadium air conditioned?

University of Phoenix Stadium is one of four in the NFL with a retractable roof, along with Houston, Dallas and Indianapolis. The roof has two retractable panels that weigh about 550 tons each and cover the entire field when closed, allowing the stadium to be air conditioned when it’s hot outside.

What is the black 8 on the Cardinals uniform?

From Leonard Pearson via azcardinals.com: “Why were the players wearing a black eight on their jerseys?” It honors the late Larry Wilson, who wore No. 8 when he was playing.

Why do the Cardinals have 42 on their jerseys?

Louis Cardinals players wore number 42 on their jersey in honor of Jackie Robinson Day.

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