Quick Answer: When did whitney houston died?

When did Whitney Houston die and how?

Whitney Houston
Born Whitney Elizabeth HoustonAugust 9, 1963 Newark, New Jersey, U.S.
Died February 11, 2012 (aged 48) Beverly Hills, California, U.S.
Cause of death Drowning due to coronary artery disease and cocaine intoxication
Resting place Fairview Cemetery Westfield, New Jersey, U.S.

What time did Whitney Houston die?

What transpired during the time that Jones left the room only to return to an unconscious Houston lying face down in a water-filled bathtub was something solely the coroner’s report could shed light upon. Houston was pronounced dead at 3:55pm the same day on the spot.

How old was Whitney Houston when she died?

Whitney Houston died on February 11, 2012, aged just 48-years-old. The singer was born on August 9, 1963, in New Jersey, and cut her teeth singing in her local Baptist church choir.

How was Whitney Houston found dead?

Houston was found dead in a bathtub in a Beverly Hills Hilton hotel room just before the Grammy Awards in 2012, and the coroner confirmed she died by accidental drowning, but heart disease and cocaine use were contributing factors.

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How old would Whitney Houston be in 2020?

What would be the age of Whitney Houston if alive? Whitney Houston’s exact age would be 57 years 7 months 5 days old if alive.

How much is Bobby Brown’s net worth?

In 2021, Bobby Brown’s net worth is calculated at roughly $2 Million dollars. He is famous for his second album Don’t Be Cruel which consists of many hit singles as ‘Every Little Step’ and ‘My Prerogative’.

How much was Whitney Houston Worth?

Whitney Houston’s estate was worth approximately $20 million when she died – plenty to meet the needs of her only daughter – Bobbi Kristina.

Did Whitney Houston have perfect pitch?

Whitney Houston Has The Perfect Pitch, But That’s Not All She’s Remembered For. Houston was known for her incredible talent, passionate performances, and high pitch. At the time, few artists could compare to her ability. In the 80s and 90s, she topped the charts and expanded into a movie career.

What happened to Whitney Houston Voice?

Those who were part of the tour remember that Houston’s voice was shot by the end. They speculate on what drug use—which the film suggests began in the late eighties, before Houston first encountered Brown—did to her body, her vocals. Perhaps it wasn’t just the drugs that wrecked her.

Why did Robyn leave Whitney?

We were one: that’s how it felt.” Houston broke off the relationship just after she signed her record deal, handing Crawford a Bible and telling her she feared public exposure. Whitney shared with me her belief that, if people found out about our relationship, they would use it against us.

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