Quick Answer: When did dexter end?

Is Dexter coming back 2020?

Over seven years after Dexter’s original series finale aired, Showtime made the surprise announcement that Dexter is returning for season 9 on October 14, 2020. Michael C. Hall is back in the title role, and Clyde Phillips, showrunner of seasons 1-4, is also back onboard.

Was Dexter Cancelled?

Showtime drama Dexter ended in 2013 after eight seasons of suspense as the eponymous forensics specialist by day and serial killer by night (played by Michael C. Hall) tried to evade capture. During its run, Dexter racked up a slew of awards including Emmys, Golden Globes and a Screen Actors Guild Award.

Does Dexter get caught in Season 8?

Hannah and Harrison board a bus to the Jacksonville airport, but Elway is waiting for them. Hannah evades Elway and escapes with Harrison. Saxon goes to the hospital with the intention of killing Debra, but Dexter spots him and he is arrested by Angel.

Why did Dexter throw Deb in the ocean?

First off, Deb. Dear god what did they do to poor Deb. She was shot in the penultimate episode, but for most of the finale she seemed like she was going to recover. But then nope, she had a stroke and was basically a vegetable and so Dexter pulled the plug and tossed her into the sea.

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How many people did Dexter kill?

What happened to Dexter that made him a psychopath? How many people has Dexter killed? Including his past kills, and the growth of his slide collection between seasons, Dexter has killed (at the very least) 100 people: around 55 of these have been on-screen kills (including flashbacks).

Is Dexter on Netflix 2020?

The series was insanely popular when it released but much like all content licensed on Netflix, it comes up for renewal and it’s down to both parties (Netflix and CBS in this case) to come to an agreement to renew it. All eight seasons of Dexter will depart Netflix in the United States on December 31st, 2020.

Did Dexter and Deb sleep together?

To recap: Dexter was going to kill Hannah, then he decided to have sex with her instead. After Hannah killed Deb’s new boyfriend, Deb asked Dexter to kill Hannah. Dexter told her he couldn’t because he’s been sleeping with her.

Why did they kill Rita Dexter?

The writers felt that dexter needed a more dark passenger side to him and decided that having Rita negated that idea. So they killed her. In season 4 finale, Trinity found Dexter address, but went to his old flat and found that Deb’s living there. But, there’s nothing showed on how he found where Dex-Rita lives.

Does Rita find out about Dexter?

This is not revealed on the show. The only two people who knew if Arthur had revealed Dexter’s true identity to Rita are Arthur and Rita. Arthur was killed by Dexter shortly after he’d killed Rita, and he tells Dexter nothing that indicates he’d told her about him (nor does he leave any messages behind indicating it).

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Do Dexter and Rita get divorced?

On 6 January 1990, they divorced (as Dexter felt, due to a brief teen romance). After this, Rita moved to Miami.

Who killed Debra Morgan?

Dexter’s love for Debra was finally evinced after she was shot in the abdomen by Oliver Saxon and ended up in a coma – from a blood clot. Recognizing a future in which Debra would never eat on her own, speak, or have brain activity, Dexter unplugged Debra’s life-support and told her that he loved her.

Does Dexter kill Quinn?

Later, Debra discovers that Quinn was suspended by LaGuerta for investigating Dexter, and lied to her about taking vacation days. Stan Liddy kidnaps Dexter and tries to blackmail him, but is killed by Dexter. For Debra’s sake, Dexter makes the blood evidence on Quinn’s shoe go away and Quinn is once again a free man.

Does Dexter ever cry?

He says he doesn’t want to lose his family and he tears up a little, no actual crying but it’s the closest I’ve seen. He cries in season 6. The episode when Sam dies in the hospital.

What happened to Dexter’s baby?

During the series finale, Harrison is abandoned by his father, entrusting Hannah to care for him. Since he doesn’t want to endanger Harrison or affect his life, Dexter fakes a suicide at sea and moves away.

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