Quick Answer: Way back when meaning?

What does we go way back mean?

: to have known each other for a long time He and I go way back.

How do you use way back?

way back” is an idiomatic expression for “long time ago”, short for “a long way back in time”. For example: “When did you meet Joe for the first time? ” “That was way back when I still was a teenager”. In your case, you are using by coincidence the word “way” followed by the word “back“.

What word means back-to-back?

back-to-back. backtrack. backtracked. backtracking.

What is the meaning of back in the day?

used for talking about a time in the past, usually when you are remembering nice things about that time: Back in the day, we had an apartment with a swimming pool. 6 дней назад

What’s the meaning of go away?

1: to leave a place or person She angrily told him to go away and stop bothering her. 2: to leave home for a period of time They’re going away on vacation. After graduating from high school, he went away to college.

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How do you use all the way in a sentence?

You can use all the way to emphasize that your remark applies to every part of a situation, activity, or period of time. Having started a revolution, we must go all the way. I’ll support him all the way.

What is a back to back meeting?

Consecutively, one after another, as in I’m exhausted; I had three meetings back to back. [

What is a back to back job?

: urging or directing the return of strikers to their jobs a back-to-work movement a back-to-work injunction.

What is the meaning back?

American. Adverb. back (RETURN) back (FARTHER AWAY) 6 дней назад

How long is back in the day?

Usually to the days of the age group of the people you are telling the story. For example imagine you are 25–26 years old and you are talking to your siblings who are 10–11 years old or something and you say back in the day. then it usually refers to the time when you were 10–11 years old or something.

How do you say going back in time?

go back in time / synonyms

  1. turn back time.
  2. travel back in time.
  3. turn back the clock.
  4. rewind time.
  5. going back in time.
  6. go back to the past.
  7. turned back time.
  8. back in time.

What’s another word for back in the day?

What is another word for back in the day?

in the past before
once hitherto
at one time long ago
in former times in times past
in bygone days in days gone by

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