Question: When is luis coronel birthday?

What is Luis Coronel worth?

Luis Coronel net worth: Luis Coronel is an American singer who has a net worth of $2 million. Luis Coronel was born in Tucson, Arizona in February 1996. He specializes in the genres of Regional Mexican and Banda. Coronel was signed by Del Records at 16 years of age.

Who is Luis Coronel girlfriend?

To make the story of the video even more exciting, the woman who played Luis’ love interest in the video is actually his real girlfriend Cristina Bernal. “To be honest with you I loved the idea of having my girlfriend be a part of the music video,” Luis revealed.

Is Luis Coronel Mexican?

Former boxer Luis Coronel is an exceptionally successful singer of romantic regional Mexican music with a decidedly modern urban presentation. Born in Tucson, Arizona to Mexican parents, Coronel began singing in church choirs at the age of six. In his teens, he became a boxer.

How did Luis Coronel get famous?

He became famous by making a video singing to his girlfriend “Mi Nina Traviesa” and putting it on YouTube and he got a lot of views and that’s how he got discovered by Angel Del Valle. Luis Coronel is part of Del Record and the person that discovered him is an employee of Del Record.

Does Luis Coronel have siblings?

He was born in Tucson, Arizona and raised with two older siblings, Mireya and Bebe.

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What is bad bunny’s net worth?

Benito Antonio Martinez, aka Bad Bunny, is reportedly worth $16million, according to celebritynetworth. The star’s music has gained major attention due to his raunchy lyrics and reggaeton beats and has earned more than 8.3billion streams on Spotify.

How much is Gerardo Ortiz worth?

Gerardo Ortiz net worth: Gerardo Ortiz is an American Mexican singer, songwriter, and record producer who has a net worth of $10 million. Gerardo Ortiz was born in Pasadena, California in October 1989. He released his debut studio album Hi Noy Hi Manana in 2010.

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