Question: When does ike promote?

Can Sothe promote?

Sothe can‘t promote. Volke is the one who gets a story promotion.

When should I promote Path of Radiance?

The majority of characters promote automatically when they reach level 21. You can also force them to promote at level 10 or higher by having them use a Master Seal, skipping the intervening levels.

How do you promote Volke?

Volke appears late in the events of the game, hired by Bastian to capture Izuka. You can recruit him with Bastian or Elincia, by paying him a certain amount of gold. Most of it can be reclaimed in his Info Conversation on the next chapter. As in the end of Path of Radiance, he is an assassin.

Is Ike related to Marth?

Ike, Marth and Roy are in NO WAY related. None of them even live on the same continent, possibly not even in the same world. Ike lives on his own continent. The only lords that are connected are Roy, Eliwood, Lyn and Hector, who all live on the same continent, with Roy being Eliwood’s sun.

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How old is Micaiah?

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Gender Female
Age Uncertain; at least 23 as of Radiant Dawn
Family Altina (ancestor) Lehran (ancestor) Misaha (grandmother) Sanaki (younger sister)
Nationality Daein
Title(s) Silver-Haired Maiden Maiden of Dawn Priestess of Dawn Supreme Commander of the Daein Royal Army Queen of Daein

Is Sothe good in Path of Radiance?

Sothe is really, really weak in PoR compared to Volke being usable, yet he carries all his stats from PoR to RD directly (opposed to the others who get +2 if they are capped in some stats.) Don’t confuse transferring over all his stats directly as a large stat boost, mind you.

How do you use the master seal in Path of Radiance?

Use the master seals on units who really want the gains immediately, such as Rhys or Mist if you haven’t funneled BEXP into them. Otherwise, you might as well just sell them, as they aren’t required for promoting. Bump Marcia’s level up as high as you can, give her the seal, and you’re basically done with the game.

When should I promote Fe awakening?

If you want skills, promote your characters at 10 to the advance class then second seal at 15. If you are not going for skills, wait for 20 for max stat gain and then promote.

How do you change classes in Fire Emblem Sacred Stones?

  1. Like Erik mollinets answer said, you can change class at level 20 to the second class like you would do with a master seal or by just leveling up at lvl 20 first class.
  2. In sacred stones and blazing sword (the first in the west) you need special promotion items to bring them from first to second class.
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How do I talk to Naesala?

However, an easier and more popular way of dealing with Naesala is to talk to him with Ulki or Janaff and then he will immediately move to where Reyson is, ignoring your other units, and talk with the heron prince.

How do you recruit Jill Path of Radiance?

In chapter 11 jill will appear when that happens go to the ponit where you clear the map and then in chapter 12 when your fighting the birds jill will come. don’t kill her or attack she will go to you and talk with you and when your done defeating the birds she will join you and thats how you get her.

How do you get Kieran in Fire Emblem?

Break open the jail cells and talk to the units with the appropriate character (Oscar for Kieran and Ike for the rest). All of them except Sephiran will turn into Ally Units. If they survive the chapter then they will be recruited next chapter, even if they are not spoken to; all that is needed is to open their doors.

How did Marth die?

According to the Clark County coroner, Marth died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. He was 33.

Is Lucina Marth’s daughter?

Although she initially disguises herself as the Hero King Marth, Lucina is actually Chrom’s daughter from the future. Like her father, she wields Falchion, the sword of Marth. Her birthday is April 20.

Do Marth and Ike ever meet?

Ike and Marth have met in the Super Smash Bros. universe, where Marth was standing at a castle looking at the time bomb. He still looked at the time bomb ready to be in his way and then Meta Knight attacked him. They were clashing, until they met in common ground.

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