Question: When did maggie have her baby?

Does Maggie have her baby?

Two years after the war is won, Maggie has had her son, whom she named Hershel after her father. She maintains her empowered leadership position, but her abilities are often challenged by the vain and self-absorbed previous leader, Gregory.

Does Maggie give birth in Season 9?

In season eight, Maggie was also not showing any signs of pregnancy. In reality, the timelines of season six to eight only covered about two months, so it was impossible for Maggie to give birth. However, season nine has a time jump of a year and a half, so Maggie has had her baby.

When did Maggie become pregnant?

According to the official TV Show timeline it is revealed that Maggie is pregnant in season 6 around Day 552 since the outbreak began. All Out War (end of season 8) ends on Day 628. Give or take it’s only been about 76 days since her announcement.

Does Maggie have Glenn’s baby?

Maggie’s disappearance was explained later that season; at some point during a six-year time jump, she and her son, baby Hershel, left Hilltop to join up with the mysterious Georgie (Jayne Atkinson) and her group.

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Did Glenn know Maggie was pregnant?

But Maggie didn’t actually know that when she revealed her pregnancy. Glenn was missing in action during “Now” because he was trapped under a dumpster evading a zombie horde; neither Maggie nor the audience knew if he’d be okay.

Does michonne have a baby with Rick?

Yes, That Really Happened — The Walking Dead Finally Gave Rick and Michonne a Baby. But perhaps the most heartwarming surprise is the reveal that Rick’s wish to grow his little family with Michonne has come true — the two now share a 5-year-old son named Rick Jr. (also known as RJ).

Why was Maggie sick in the walking dead?

In episode 13, when Carol and Maggie are captured by the female Saviors, Maggie is punched in the stomach. That trauma could trigger a miscarriage, or she could be going into premature labor.

Does Glenn meet his son?

After sixteen years, Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead came to an end this month after the writer shockingly revealed issue #193 to be the final chapter in the story. During the course of The Walking Dead, Glenn meets Maggie Greene and has a son named Hershel.

How does Glenn die?

The leader of the Saviors, Negan, selects Glenn to die as “punishment” for the Saviors Rick’s group killed; he then bludgeons Glenn to death with a baseball bat. Glenn dies while helplessly crying Maggie’s name. Glenn’s body is later driven by the group to the Hilltop, where it is buried in a matter of days.

Does michonne get pregnant?

In the six years following his disappearance, it is revealed that Michonne has assumed leadership over the Alexandria community and was pregnant at the time of Rick’s supposed demise; she is now a parent to Rick’s daughter Judith (Cailey Fleming), as well as their own child together, Rick Jr. (RJ) Grimes.

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Is Tara pregnant in Season 6 walking dead?

Alanna Masterson, who plays Tara on “The Walking Dead,” filmed much of season six while pregnant. During Saturday’s panel for the series at New York Comic Con, Masterson went into detail to describe the challenges of filming while pregnant, noting that she was on set until she was about two weeks away from delivery.

What happened to Maggie after Glenn dies?

After Glenn’s death, Maggie, grief stricken and depressed, is determined to fight the Saviors and kill Negan for the brutal murders of her husband and Abraham. She maintains her humanity by sparing and not mistreating the Saviors who surrendered or were captured.

Why does Negan kill Glenn?

To demonstrate the consequences of crossing the Saviors and to put the fear in the people of Alexandria, Negan chose to brutally execute a member of Rick’s group by bashing his head in with his trademark weapon, Lucille. Negan’s choice was Glenn.

What does Maggie do to Rick?

Maggie never meant to do anything against Rick. All she said is that he was wrong keeping Negan alive, and that they would kill him when the time was right. Also, Maggie and Daryl are pretty much family of Rick and Michonne. After all they’ve been through together, there’s not a chance of one trying to kill the other.

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