Question: List the six guidelines that should be followed when creating an electronic version of a résumé.?

How do I make an electronic resume?

5 Tips for Writing an Electronic Resume

  1. Use keywords from the job ad.
  2. Research the employer by studying the company’s website, blog, and related news articles.
  3. Pay attention to format.
  4. Keep it simple.
  5. Use standard headers.
  6. Use a free resume builder.

How many forms can an electronic resume take?

There are 4 forms an electronic resume might take.

What is different about the electronic résumé?

Paper resumes are more appealing because they’re formatted and easy to read. Electronic resumes allow the job seeker to quickly and easily apply for job openings with a few keystrokes on a computer.

What are four things a great résumé shows employers?

What are four things a great résumé shows employers? qualifications, meet the employer’s needs, likeable, work well with others, appeal to both human and electronic reviews.

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How do employers use electronic resumes?

To save money, many hiring organizations use electronic methods to review resumes. These electronic methods include accepting e-mail resumes, scanning of resumes, having applicants complete online resume forms, or accessing resumes on Internet home pages.

What information should be included on a reference sheet?

Answer: Your name, address, and phone number should be at the top of the reference sheet. Include a heading of “References” or “Professional References.” • Include the reference’s name, professional title, address, and phone number. You may indicate the relationship to you, but this is not required.

What are four examples of items that might be placed in a portfolio?

9 Things to Include in a Business Portfolio

  • Copies of certifications or other official qualifications.
  • Lists of accomplishments beyond those reflected on your resume, particularly those that involve problem solving.
  • Performance reviews.
  • Letters of recommendation or from employers and clients.

What are the two major types of résumés?

CHRONOLOGICAL RESUME ~ emphasizes work experience, in reverse chronological order, listing most recent job first. FUNCTIONAL RESUME emphasizes skills and talents you have developed and de-emphasizes job titles, employers names, and dates.

What are some examples of good keywords to include in an electronic résumé?

Let’s say based on research for a software developer role, these are the most important keywords and phrases to include in a resume:

  • New Orleans Louisiana.
  • New Orleans, LA.
  • Software developer.
  • Software engineering.
  • Software designing.
  • 6+ years of experience.
  • Computer engineering.
  • Computer science.

How does an electronic résumé differ from a print version?

While the paper resume still exists (yes, the paper resume is what is typically used during the interview), the resume is stored and transmitted in digital formats. That digital resume can be in a format that is designed for print (such as Word or PDF) or in a format that is designed for search (such as text or HTML).

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When formatting your résumé it is important to _?

When formatting your résumé, it’s important to consider the organization of the information you’re providing a potential employer. You need to keep your words brief and concise. Use BULLET POINTS to make your résumé easier to scan. You could use numbers, percentages, or dollar amounts to draw the eye down the page.

Why is it important to take special steps to format an electronic résumé properly?

Converting a résumé to an electronic format can cause the text to become confusing or unreadable. If an employer receives a résumé that they cannot easily read, they will throw it out. When posting a résumé to an employer’s Web site, it is important to follow the directions carefully.

What are the top 5 tips for a resume?

Top 5 Resume Writing Tips

  • The layout and format is important. Avoid borders and creative fonts that distract from the actual content.
  • You have 15-20 seconds to shine.
  • List your experience in reverse chronological format.
  • Customize your resume to each position.
  • Quantify your accomplishments.

What words do employers look for in a resume?

Top 5 Words Recruiters Look for in Resumes

  • Problem solving. Job seekers need to display this strength in their resume because it illustrates their ability to approach challenges and solve them.
  • Leadership.
  • Written communication.
  • Team building.
  • Performance and productivity improvement.

What resume template is most successful?

The chronological format (also known as the reverse-chronological format) is the most popular resume format. The chronological resume emphasizes your work history section, where you list information about current and past jobs, with the most recent job first (thus the format’s name).

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