Often asked: When is the great christmas light fight filmed?

How far in advance is the great Christmas light fight filmed?

The series’ one-year-ahead filming schedule means they’ve already started filming Season 9, which will air in 2021. And for that, they are take tons of precautions. “What we’re doing for this year, as we’re shooting right now in the midst of this pandemic, is we’re being tested every three days,” Taniya said.

Is the great Christmas light fight filmed a year in advance?

The families featured on The Great Christmas Light Fight take holidays to the next level, so it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that the ABC reality series is actually filmed well before episodes start to air.

Was the great Christmas light fight filmed during Covid?

The theme of this year’s season of The Great Christmas Light Fight? Expect the unexpected. As the show tapes a year in advance, the eighth season was filmed during Christmas 2019 before the pandemic. “You will see a lot more hugging, a lot more stuff that you don’t see during Covid,” Oosterhouse said.

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Was the great Christmas light fight filmed this year?

ABC’s Great Christmas Light Fight reality show spent much of last week filming the spectacle for next year’s season.

Is the great Christmas light fight canceled?

The Great Christmas Light Fight has been renewed for an eighth season which will debut December 9, 2020.

Who won the Christmas light fight 2020?


An Oklahoma family won $50,000 for their amazing Christmas lights display that was featured on Wednesday night’s episode of ABC’s “The Great Christmas Light Fight.”Ben Sumner and his family, from Jenks, were named the winner of the episode, which crews filmed in 2019.

Why are there no masks on Christmas light fights?

The show’s producers contacted David last year about coming out one night to get footage for an appearance this year. “They film these a year out, so you may see us not wearing masks or staying social distanced, and that’s why,” David said.

Who won the great light Fight 2020?

This year’s winner is Todd and Jen Scheuerman of Elmhurst! The Scheuerman’s are big Disney fans and actually finished second in last year’s contest. Their display has more than 25,000 lights synced up to music as well as an ice-skating Olaf and a homemade seven-foot-tall Sven the Reindeer.

Who judges the great Christmas light fight?

We meet the judges from The Great Christmas Light Fight. Sign up for our GTU Newsletter and Recipe Newsletter, bringing you our favorite recipes, guests, and more every day! On Good Things Utah this morning – Carter Oosterhouse and Taniya Nayak judge elaborate Christmas displays created by families across the country.

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How does the great Christmas light fight work?

Each episode of The Great Christmas Light Fight features a series of families or groups that create elaborate Christmas light displays. The contestants are chosen in advance by producers. The winner of each week’s episode wins $50,000 and a holiday-themed trophy.

Is the great Christmas light fight on Hulu?

Watch The Great Christmas Light Fight Streaming Online | Hulu (Free Trial)

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