Often asked: When did futurama come out?

Is Futurama coming back in 2020?

Futurama creator says the show may return – but in an entirely different form. At the risk of getting a lot of people’s hopes up, Futurama co-creator David X. Cohen announced that Futurama is set to return – only not in the way you might expect.

Why was Futurama Cancelled?

According to Groening, Fox seemingly never really wanted Futurama to succeed. Futurama was canceled at Fox because the network spent years — essentially from before the show even hit television sets — walking it down the road to the chopping block. Fox and Groening butted heads over Futurama from the very beginning.

When did Futurama start and end?

Original network Fox (1999–2003) Comedy Central (2008–2013)
Picture format 480i (4:3) (1999–2003) 1080i (16:9) (2008–2013)
Audio format Dolby Surround (1999–2008) Dolby Digital 5.1 (2008–2013)
Original release March 28, 1999 – September 4, 2013

Will Disney bring back Futurama?

Since Futurama was also produced by Fox, Disney now owns every episode — and yet, the series hasn’t made an appearance on the Mouse House’s streamer.

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How does Futurama end?

Ultimately, the gang managed to save Fry, but he inadvertently broke the time device, and froze time — for everyone but Fry and Leela. And so, they got to spend their entire lives together. They got married, traveled and had as full a life as they could in a world where everyone and everything is frozen in time.

What happened to Futurama after season 5?

Futurama is coming to an end — again. After airing on Fox and a limited run with DVD movies-turned-season five, Comedy Central has opted against moving forward with the animated series from The Simpsons’ David X. Cohen and Matt Groening, the cabler said Monday.

Will Simpsons ever end?

The Simpsons has been renewed for two more seasons – will it ever end? The Simpsons has been renewed for two more seasons by the Fox network in the US, it’s been confirmed. The show will run until 2023, making these the show’s 33rd and 34th seasons, according to THR. The Simpsons is currently on season 32 in the US.

Is Futurama a kid show?

Parents need to know that because Futurama’s content can be unpredictable, it’s not meant for younger kids. The language can be crass, there are allusions to sex, characters drink and make drug references, and there is some cartoon violence.

How old is Fry Futurama?

Age. Fry was biologically 25 at the start of the series but is chronologically 1,025 or 1,026 in the year 3000.

Does Futurama have 7 or 10 seasons?

During the course of the series, 140 episodes of Futurama aired over seven seasons.

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Does Hulu have all of Futurama?

Futurama‘ on Hulu

Hulu is the mother lode for Futurama fans, with free access to subscribers to all 7 seasons and 140 episodes of the series.

How many hours of Futurama are there?

A quick wikipedia look says we’re at 140 episodes (with movies cut into quarters). Assuming 20 minutes an episode, that’s a whopping 46. (6) hours.

Why are Futurama episodes out of order?

Broadcast Order: The problem, though, is that, during Futurama’s original airing Fox routinely moved episodes around, broadcast them in different orders, and arbitrarily set up seasons that were different from the production. Thus, under the broadcast order, there are 10 different seasons.

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