Often asked: When a computer prints a report, this output is called?

What will you call a printed output of a document or an image?

A printer is an output device that prints paper documents. This includes text documents, images, or a combination of both. The two most common types of printers are inkjet and laser printers. The printed output produced by a printer is often called a hard copy, which is the physical version of an electronic document.

When output is printed on paper such output is called?

hard copy (printout) Sometimes referred to as a printout, a hard copy is so-called because it exists as a physical object. The same information, viewed on a computer display or sent as an e-mail attachment, is sometimes referred to as a soft copy.

Is used to take print out?


Is used to take a printout on paper?

Hardcopy is a printed copy of information from a computer. Sometimes it refer to as a printout, so it called hardcopy because it exists as a physical object. Hardcopy is tangible output that usually printed. Printers are the most user use to produce an hardcopy output which is printed paper.

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Is used to generate hard copy of documents?

A hard copy can be created using a printer (e.g., dot matrix printer, inkjet printer, laser printer, etc.) and a typewriter.

Which device produces hard copy as an output?

Hard copy output devices are devices that provide output on printed paper or other permanent media that is human readable (tangible). Examples of devices that produce hard copy are printers, plotters and microfiche.

Which device print the output on a paper?

Printer is an output device, which is used to print information on paper.

How do I take print out?

Print from a standard printer

  1. On your computer, open Chrome.
  2. Open the page, image or file that you want to print.
  3. Click File. Print. Or, use a keyboard shortcut: Windows & Linux: Ctrl + p. Mac: ⌘ + p.
  4. In the window that appears, select the destination and change your preferred print settings.
  5. Click Print.

How do you ask someone to print out?

In the context you’ve provided it doesn’t make any sense to speak like that. The clearest thing would just be to say “Please print this document for me.” Regarding your friend’s request, a more natural example could be: – The printer stopped printing because it ran out of ink.

How do you print step by step?

Preview your document

  1. Click File > Print.
  2. To preview each page, click the forward and backward arrows at the bottom of the page. If the text is too small to read, use the zoom slider at the bottom of the page to enlarge it.
  3. Choose the number of copies, and any other options you want, and click the Print button.
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What is considered a hard copy?

The term “hard copy” predates the age of the digital computer. In the process of producing printed books and newspapers, hard copy refers to a manuscript or typewritten document that has been edited and proofread, and is ready for typesetting, or being read on-air in a radio or television broadcast.

What is photo paper called?

Photo paper may refer to: Photographic paper, paper coated with light-sensitive chemicals, used for making photographic prints. Inkjet paper designed for high-quality photographic prints when used in a suitable inkjet printer.

What is a paper printout?

A printout is a piece of paper on which information from a computer or similar device has been printed.

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