FAQ: When the speaker refers to nature’s holy plan?

When the speaker refers to Nature’s holy plan in lines written in early spring what is he is suggesting?

Answer. The poem’ lines written in early spring‘ is actually written by the famous poet “William Wordsworth” He actually talk about nature doing and thing and also about the humanity in the poem. This is done in a aesthetic way and the speaker told the reader that nature is actually perfect.

What element in nature best thrills the speaker?

imaginative creation. Daffodil’s are the element in nature that best thrills the speaker in What is true in both of the Wordsworth poems, “I Wandered Lonely As a Cloud”, and “Lines Written in Early Spring“? Nature offers wisdom.

Which idea popular at the time that romantic movement came to prominence did Romantic artists and writers reject?

The Romantics rejected what they thought the philosophes represented. And over time, the Romantics came to oppose and criticize not only the Enlightenment, but also ideas derived from it and the men who were influenced by it. The period from 1793 to 1815 was a period of European war.

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Why does the speaker call the plan holy?

Why does the poet call it ‘holy‘? Nature is God’s work from heaven. So the poet calls it ‘holy‘.

What man has made of man?

What Man has made of Man” implies that there was an expectation for Man, his behavior and his responsibility. Man, with so much power for good and for destruction has the responsibility to respect his fellow man and the environment in which he lives.

Which idea did Romantic artists and writers reject?

Romanticism was a revolt against the aristocratic social and political norms of the Age of Enlightenment and also a reaction against the scientific rationalization of nature. Romanticism legitimized the individual imagination as a critical authority, which permitted freedom from classical notions of form in art.

Which word best describes the structure and sound of lines written in early spring?

Which word best describes the structure and sound of “Lines Written in Early Spring“? rigidfantasticsimpleunnatural(Answer)5.

What are the major themes of romanticism?

Key themes of the Romantic Period

  • Revolution, democracy, and republicanism.
  • The Sublime and Transcendence.
  • The power of the imagination, genius, and the source of inspiration.
  • Proto-psychology & extreme mental states.
  • Nature and the Natural.

What are the 5 characteristics of romanticism?

Terms in this set (5)

  • Interest in the common man and childhood.
  • Strong senses, emotions, and feelings.
  • Awe of nature.
  • Celebration of the individual.
  • Importance of imagination.

Why is it called the Romantic Era?

Romanticism proper was preceded by several related developments from the mid-18th century on that can be termed Pre-Romanticism. Among such trends was a new appreciation of the medieval romance, from which the Romantic movement derives its name.

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What is the Nature’s holy plan?

What was Nature’s holy plan? The holy plan was to design a land where humans could find spiritual joy. The birds with their fluttering feathers, the swaying flowers and the wind weathering twigs were conjured for the ‘man’ to inspire from.

Where was the speaker and what was he doing?

Answer: The speaker was inside his house and he was watching some boys playing cricket outside on the road through his window.

What man has made of man figure of speech?

So our analysis shows that when Wordsworth uses the words, “What man has made of man,” he is referring to the works of Man, which are negative actions such as wars, producing sorrow and conflict, in contrast with the works of Nature–positive creations such as flowers and birdsong, which produce beauty and happiness.

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