FAQ: When is kennywood opening?

Is Kennywood Open in 2020?

Kennywood is reopening for the 2020 season… but things are going to look a little different this year. The beloved amusement park in West Mifflin has just announced that it will open to the public on Saturday, July 11.

Is Kennywood closing for good?

Kennywood Closes For The 2020 Season After Labor Day: ‘The Safest Thing Is To Finish On A High Note’ WEST MIFFLIN, Pa.

Is Kennywood closing permanently?

Kennywood, Idlewild and SoakZone ending their seasons after Labor Day. Kennywood Park and Idlewild and SoakZone will close after Labor Day according to announcements posted on both parks’ websites Thursday. Both amusement parks are owned by Palace Entertainment of Newport Beach, California.

Why is the steel curtain closed 2020?

On August 3, 2019, Steel Curtain was closed for adjustments. Steel Curtain is one of several rides that have not operated during the 2020 season as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

What rides are closed at Kennywood?

The four rides being retired are The Kangaroo, Paratrooper, Bayern Kurve and the Volcano, previously known as Enterprise, park officials announced on Facebook.

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What days are sandcastle open?


18 fantastic slides and attractions waiting for you to enjoy in a tropical 84 degree climate!

Did someone die at Kennywood?

Boy, 15, Killed In Coaster Fall A 15-year-old Greensburg boy died here yesterday after a fall from a roller coaster while on a high school picnic at Kennywood Park.

How did Kennywood get its name?

1898: The Monongahela Street Railway Co. leases Kenny’s Grove in order to open a trolley park to encourage people to use the company’s trolley cars. Railway shareholder Andrew Mellon names the park Kennywood in honor of the Kenny family and picnic area.

What county is Kennywood?

Kennywood is an amusement park located in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania just southeast of Pittsburgh. The park first opened on May 30, 1899, as a trolley park attraction at the end of the Mellon family’s Monongahela Street Railway.


Status Operating

Is Cedar Point Open 2020?

Cedar Point to Begin 2020 Season With Phased Opening

July 9 – 10: park open to 2020 Cedar Point Season, Gold and Platinum Passholders only.

What is the fastest ride at Kennywood?

Phantom’s Revenge (formerly known as Steel Phantom) is a steel roller coaster at Kennywood amusement park in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania.

Phantom’s Revenge
Height 160 ft (49 m)
Drop 228 ft (69 m)
Length 3,200 ft (980 m)
Speed 85 mph (137 km/h)

What does Steel Curtain mean?

The Steel Curtain was the nickname given to the famous defensive line of the American football team Pittsburgh Steelers during their 1970s dynasty years. Over the years, the nickname evolved into a reference to the entire defensive squad.

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