FAQ: When does cleveland and golden state play?

Did Golden State sweep Cleveland?

The Golden State Warriors blew out the Cleveland Cavaliers, 108-85, to sweep the NBA Finals and win their third championship in four years. Kevin Durant was named NBA Finals MVP.

What year did Warriors go 73-9?

2015–16 Golden State Warriors season
Record 73–9 (.890)
Place Division: 1st (Pacific) Conference: 1st (Western)
Playoff finish NBA Finals (Lost to Cavaliers 3–4)
Stats @ Basketball-Reference.com

What year did Cavs Beat Warriors?

Brace yourself, Warriors fans. LeBron believes that when the Cavs came back from a 3-1 deficit to beat the 73-9 Warriors in the 2016 NBA Finals, he became the GOAT.

What year did LeBron beat Golden State?

2016 NBA Finals

The wordmark of the NBA Finals (2003–2017)
Team Coach Wins Cleveland Cavaliers Tyronn Lue 4 Golden State Warriors Steve Kerr 3
Dates June 2–19
MVP LeBron James (Cleveland Cavaliers)
Eastern Finals Cavaliers defeated Raptors, 4–2

Who got swept in NBA Finals?

The Spurs swept the Cavaliers 4 games to 0. Tony Parker was named the series’ MVP.

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2007 NBA Finals.

Team Coach Wins San Antonio Spurs Gregg Popovich 4 Cleveland Cavaliers Mike Brown 0
MVP Tony Parker (San Antonio Spurs)

Did the Warriors sweep the playoffs?

In the climax season of the Warriors‘ dynasty, they won their fifth NBA Championship, setting the best postseason record in NBA history by going 16–1.

Who beat the 73 9 Warriors?

The 2015-16 Warriors etched their placed in history when, with a 125-104 victory over the Memphis Grizzlies on April 13, 2016, they captured their 73rd win of the season. The 739 record broke the NBA’s single-season wins record previously held by the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls (72-10).

Has any NBA team went 82 0?

Out of these four teams, the Warriors were the only ones to have the best overall season and lose in the NBA Finals. AND it was in that same season that the pitiful Sixers suffered the worst season in NBA history

Who blew a 3 1 lead?

Only one team has blown a 3-1 lead in the Finals: The 2016 Golden State Warriors.

What’s the worst loss in NBA history?

On December 17, 1991, the most lopsided game in NBA history took place seeing the Miami Heat lose to the Cleveland Cavaliers 148-80.

What is the largest comeback in NBA history?

The greatest comeback in National Basketball Association play occurred on November 27, 1996, when the Utah Jazz, down by 36 points to the Denver Nuggets late in the second quarter (it was 70–36 at the half and 70-34 just before), overcame this deficit to win 107–103.

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Did LeBron beat the 73 9 Warriors?

LeBron James and Cavaliers came back from 3-1 to beat 73 win Warriors making LeBron greatest. – Sports Illustrated.

What is the best starting record in NBA history?

Best Season Starts in the NBA
Start Team NBA season From – to
24-0 Golden State Warriors 2015-16 Oct 27, 2015 – Dec 12, 2015
15-0 Houston Rockets 1993-94 Nov 5, 1993 – Dec 3, 1993
15-0 Washington Capitols 1948-49 Nov 3, 1948 – Dec 7, 1948

Who has won NBA the most?

Boston Celtics center Bill Russell holds the record for the most NBA championships won with 11 titles during his 13-year playing career.

Who won the NBA championship in 2016?

The Cavaliers Are 2016 NBA Champions. For the first time in franchise history, your Cleveland Cavaliers are NBA Champions! The team will be bringing home the Larry O’Brien Trophy to Cleveland after defeating the Golden State Warriors in the 2016 NBA Finals.

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