FAQ: Odahviing attacks me when i release him?

Do I release Odahviing?

This occurs upon leaving the great porch without capturing Odahviing first. The only way to fix is to go back to an older save. If attacked while he is trapped in Dragonsreach, no damage is done to him and he will do nothing. Upon release, he becomes hostile.

How do I fix Odahviing glitch?

Odahviing sometimes becomes hostile after releasing him. To fix this, simply exit the Great Porch, wait a few hours inside Dragonsreach, and return to Odahviing.

Can’t talk to Odahviing after freeing him?

Anyone who has trouble getting Odahviing to speak to you after you have trapped him, it’s because the Jarl isn’t present. You did the Stormcloak quests and the new Jarl won’t show up because he sits in the Companion’s guild 24/7. If he’s gone, you’re now okay to go back and do the Odahviing quest.

Can you use Bend will on Odahviing?

You are able to ride Odahviing with the Dragonborn expansion. The easiest way to do so is to use the Bend Will shout while he’s circling the Throat of the World. However, it is also possible to keep him around long enough to use Bend Will after using Call Dragon. Odahviing will not come if called on Solstheim.

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Should I kill Paarthurnax?

You need to kill Paarthurnax to get back into blades. Some sources suggest that it is not possible to kill that dragon after the main quest, but regardless I have managed to kill it straight after the main quest line. If you have Steam theirs a mod called The Paarthurnax Dilemma by Arthmoor.

Can you use Bend will on alduin?

This shout can be used on Odahviing, but not Alduin, Paarthurnax, Durnehviir,DG the Skeletal Dragon, Vulthuryol, VoslaarumDG and Naaslaarum,DG or the nameless dragons at Skuldafn. When one unmounts a dragon after riding them, the dragon will likely fly away, however it may still become hostile towards the Dragonborn.

Why is Odahviing not taking damage?

Odahviing is intentionally invincible, you don’t need to do any damage in order to capture him, you seriously only have to back up and he’ll be captured. His health bar will not move no matter how much you hit him.

How do I defeat and trap Odahviing?

The quest entry “Defeat and Trap Odahviing” can sound misleading, as Odahviing cannot be truly defeated. The player must use the Dragonrend shout to bring him down to the porch, then walk backwards toward the entrance so that the trap can be sprung.

How do you tame Odahviing?

Odahviing can be tamed and ridden by traveling to the Throat of the World where he circles the summit. Once in the sky, the Dragon will begin a circular flight pattern, not unlike the Dragons you might see in the wild.

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What is the code to Skuldafn Temple?

The combination on the palm of the claw is, from top to bottom: fox, moth, dragon.

How do you beat the fallen in Skyrim?

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Paarthurnax, Arngeir, or Esbern.
  2. Talk to the Jarl of Whiterun.
  3. Prepare a trap for Odahviing.
  4. Call Odahviing to Dragonsreach.
  5. Weaken and trap Odahviing.
  6. Interrogate Odahviing.

Can Odahviing come to solstheim?

Can‘t summon Odahviing | Fandom. Can he go to Solstheim? He cannot be summoned on Solstheim.

Can you call Odahviing again?

Call Dragon is a dragon shout that summons Odahviing to fight alongside you, but only if it is used outdoors. All three words of this shout are learned during The Fallen, after which Odahviing will not respond again to this shout until the main quest is complete.

How do I summon Odahviing to Dragonsreach?

Press TAB, enter Magic and choose the Call Dragon Shout as active. Look towards the sky and hold down Z. Now you will have to be patient, as Odahviing will take some time before coming here.

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