FAQ: Fire emblem awakening when to reclass?

When should I Reclass Fire Emblem Awakening?

User Info: DahlVaughnni. In every other FE game, it’s best to wait until 20 so that you get the most amount of stats possible as once you hit max level, you’re stuck with the stats you’ve got. Here though, reclassing lets you go back over and over and get those levelups over and over again, so anytime after 10 is fine.

How many times can you Reclass?

There’s no limit to the actual number of times you can use the Second Seal on a character. However, you‘ll have to gain levels if you want the better option sets; level 10 or higher in an advanced class or level 30 in a special class will put you into optimal range when it comes to class variety.

When should I recruit child units awakening?

Feel free to recruit them at any time. They aren’t necessary to beat the game. You should be wary that the children characters inherit the last ability equipped on each parent as soon as you enter the battle. This means you should delay recruitment until you’re certain they inherit what you want them to inherit.

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Can Chrom marry Lucina?

If there is no one left, Chrom will marry Lucina, who will give birth to Lucina and ensure that Lucina is born. Unless she dies.

Where do you get second seals in Fire Emblem Awakening?

You can get Second Seals from the Mila Tree after chapter 16, or if Cordelia is already married, completing Paralogue 10 and getting them after chapter 14.

How do you Reclass Fe fates?

To reclass, a unit must be holding a Pitchfork item. This will allow them to “promote” to the Villager class by visiting a shrine. Afterwards, they can then promote into a selection of classes based on the gender of the unit in question.

Can you Reclass If your MOS is under strength?

Can you Reclass? Yes, but you probably can‘t go into 31K. Your MOS is more understrength and there are almost never training seats for 31K. You‘ll find small MOS’s like 31K and 13J are slow promoting.

Can you reclassify in 9th grade?

Reclassifying is deciding to change the date you graduate from high school and/or enter college after you have started the ninth grade. If an athlete graduates from high school early but do not change the date he or she goes to college, there are rules that might impact his or her eligibility.

Can you Reclass in the middle of a contract?

usually you can reclass once you decide to re-enlist/extend. I haven’t know anybody to reclass in the middle of their current contract. Also keep in mind you might not be able to reclass and stay in your current unit due to no open slots for that mos and your rank.

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Who can you marry in Fire Emblem Awakening?

Be sure to marry Chrom until chapter 11, he has five possible brides: female Robin, Sully, Sumia, Maribelle and Olivia. Other than that you can marry anyone with almost anyone else at any point of the plot. The game is funnier if most characters are married but it’s not mandatory.

Who is Chrom’s wife?

Two years after the end of the Ylisse-Plegia war, Chrom is married to either Olivia, Sully, Maribelle, Sumia, Robin or a nameless village maiden. He is also the father to a baby girl, Lucina.

Does Robin kill Chrom?

Robin kills Chrom under Validar’s magic.

Is Lucina Marth’s daughter?

Although she initially disguises herself as the Hero King Marth, Lucina is actually Chrom’s daughter from the future. Like her father, she wields Falchion, the sword of Marth. Her birthday is April 20.

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